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Infrastructure Solutions & Services

When reliability matters, we help our customers improve their IT infrastructure.

With experienced engineers from various IT sectors (development, systems, security, and telecommunications), Camptocamp's Infrastructure Solutions Department has been specializing in automation solutions and the continuous management of complex IT infrastructures for many years.

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Infrastructure as 


Throughout the years, our teams have adopted this paradigm to create and automate IT resources. The explosion in the number of virtual servers and containers in modern IT environments requires the reproducibility and the traceability of changes and permanent technological monitoring.

Camptocamp is closely involved in the various Open Source communities related to its solutions, and in direct contact with major players in the industry via several strategic partnerships.

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Open Source is part of our DNA

As pioneers in the use of Linux and the Open Source development model, our teams work according to a set of good practices close to the agile methodologies and what is now known as DevOps. This approach is mainly characterized by the promotion of automation and the monitoring of software development milestones, integration, testing, delivery, and deployment, as well as operation and maintenance.

The solutions proposed by our Infrastructure department not only focus on the installation processes, but also on the complete lifecycle of an infrastructure project.

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Our area of expertise...

... mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • dynamic and reproducible allocation of computer resources
  • automation of the installation process, configuration and change management
  • monitoring and analysis of metrics and essential indicators for decision making
  • availability of services, ability to ensure scalability, increased needs

Our objective is to better understand your context in order to offer you the best solutions to optimize, automate and streamline the management of your environments. Our approach is accompanied by qualified advice, specialized training and technical support (operational aspects and/or specific developments).

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Expertise | © Shutterstock


Configuration Management

Automate Configurations
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Cloud Computing

Automate Cloud Provisioning and Resources
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Container Orchestration

Automate Application Deployment with Containers
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Metrics & Monitoring
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Web Architecture

Web Performance Optimization
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Linux Expertise

GNU/Linux Insights
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Customer Journeys

Infrastructure Solutions
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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Swisstopo hosts over 300 terabyte of geographic data in the cloud and makes it publicly available. For the federal authority to become a cloud pioneer, it took a lot of willpower, competent advice - and a stroke of luck.
Geospatial Solutions
Customer Journey Deutsche Telekom | © Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

The rapid and nationwide expansion of the fiber optics network is a central cornerstone of Germany's Digital Agenda. The know-how of the IT company Camptocamp helps to achieve the ambitious goals.
Business Management Software (Odoo)

QoQa Services AG

Every day QoQa puts a product on sale for 24 hours, according to the principle of "1 day, 1 deal". The implementation of a business management tool was therefore essential.
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Professional expertise in Open Source solutions at your disposal for your projects.
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Agile methods to implement your Open Source solutions.
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Maintenance & Hosting

SLA's to run your Open Source solutions in a sustainable and reliable way.
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Subscription Management

Expertise to optimize the purchase and use of your Open Source Subscriptions.
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Open Source experts share their know how to improve your skills.
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