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Red Hat Products - much more than just Linux!

Red Hat is one of the leading Open Source vendors. 90% of big companies rely on the Linux leader.

Red Hat solutions include very reliable and powerful cloud, storage, virtualization and middleware technologies.

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As an official Solution Provider in Germany and Switzerland, we offer the complete Red Hat portfolio and implement large-scale customer projects.

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Red Hat provides Open Source and stable technology to ensure a solid foundation for your production environments.

Red Hat products are supported by a dedicated product security team that monitors, identifies and addresses risks for greater stability.

Red Hat's knowledge and experience helps identify emerging technologies and transform them into solutions that meet your future IT needs.

You have access to the documentation, knowledge base, tools, and technical support you need to get your systems up and running and resolve problems quickly.

Red Hat subscriptions give you the freedom to choose from several supported versions, allowing you to keep up with your schedule.

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Overview of all products

Linux Platform: most popular and modular operating system in the world

Middleware: wide range of software to standardize the exchanges between your different applications

Virtualization platform: has emerged as the best solution to ensure a good level of decoupling from hardware.

Cloud Computing: provides easy access to resources distributed over a computer network

Storage: an essential aspect of application management

Management: tools to manage and automate your IT resources, whether physical or in the cloud

Red Hat Academic: Camptocamp has an accreditation as an Academic partner of Red Hat solutions.

  • Red Hat Academic FTE Model: to help educational institutions build their IT infrastructure
  • Red Hat Academic: a few special academic products for research & development