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GNU/Linux Insights

Our experienced Linux engineers all have many years of experience with daily operation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat CoreOS, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and SUSE Linux distributions. Linux is now at the center of the largest IT infrastructures, notably owing to the revolution associated with virtualization, cloud computing and container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes.

Linux Expertise | © Shutterstock
Linux Expertise | © Shutterstock

Our various partnerships...

... with market leaders in the area of Linux systems, in particular with Red Hat, guarantee a high level of service quality through continuous trainings and assessments of our engineers, especially on aspects related to security and efficiency. On a daily basis, our engineers manage several hundred Linux servers and platforms. They advise users and adapt systems to their needs, while safeguarding the systems against known and future threats, ensuring smooth operation for the lifetime of every system.

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Their profound experience...

... allows our engineers to help our customers exploiting the full potential of their systems while ensuring that best practices are enforced. Mastering industry standard Monitoring Solutions as well as the latest technologies, they are able to reduce unexpected problems to a minimum and avoid impact on production services.

From complete delegation of responsibility to occasional support services, Camptocamp is able to help customers of any size to operate and develop their systems, build new infrastructures, and to pinpoint and quickly solve issues.

Linux Expertise | © Shutterstock
Linux Expertise | © Shutterstock

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Infrastructure Solutions
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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Swisstopo hosts over 300 terabyte of geographic data in the cloud and makes it publicly available. For the federal authority to become a cloud pioneer, it took a lot of willpower, competent advice - and a stroke of luck.
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