PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS), developed in over 25 years.

Camptocamp supports you by securing your data and achieving service availability tailored to your business needs. From creating a database schema to optimizing cluster configuration, you are not alone in making the right decisions. Camptocamp helps you master your DBMS in terms of performance (optimization and scalability) and reliability (monitoring and backup).

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What You Need

To ensure optimal functioning of your database cluster, it is essential to implement various tasks. These include ensuring availability, performance, security, and data integrity by overseeing the design, implementation, monitoring, backup, and optimization of the database management system.


Monitoring involves tracking and analyzing metrics and performance indicators of a PostgreSQL database system to ensure optimal operation and performance. It allows proactive measures to maintain the system's health.


It is crucial to establish backup strategies tailored to the specific requirements of the application, including backup frequency, retention policies, and disaster recovery plans.


Scalability is the ability of a PostgreSQL database system to handle increasing amounts of data and expanding workloads without sacrificing performance or reliability.


Optimization involves improving the performance of a PostgreSQL database system for better efficiency, responsiveness, and resource utilization. Optimization includes various aspects, such as query performance, indexing strategies, configuration parameters, and database design.

What We Offer

Audit and Consulting

Staying simple and efficient is a challenge. And implementing best practices from the beginning of the project is a challenge. Camptocamp assists you in setting up your infrastructure and processes: this includes rigorous access rights management, resolving security issues, and developing reliable procedures for data backup and restoration.


Are you wondering if your choices are the right ones? Are you considering using a PostgreSQL extension but feel the need for guidance? Or maybe you are encountering difficulties in implementing a system upgrade? The Camptocamp team of experts is here to support you at every step. We are here to answer your questions, dispel your doubts, and help you make decisions that best suit your needs and objectives.


Train your team, whether their new to PostgreSQL or seasoned experts: cluster optimization, incremental backups, performance management, monitoring, or mastering SQL queries. Our training program is adaptable to your specific needs and educational goals. In our preliminary discussions, we assess your needs to design a program that precisely meets your expectations. At Camptocamp, the adaptability of our training is an integral part of our approach, ensuring an optimal training experience for your team.


Mastering PostgreSQL does not necessarily mean managing its hosting! Entrust us with this responsibility and focus fully on your business needs. We commit to ensuring that your PostgreSQL cluster perfectly meets your expectations. Additionally, we can support you as your needs evolve, provide expert advice, and accompany you throughout your growth. At Camptocamp, we are here to allow you to focus on the essentials while guaranteeing a performant PostgreSQL environment tailored to your requirements.

Use Cases

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Route planning

with online graph editing

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as a decision-making aid for the french Fire and Rescue services

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