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Kubernetes is becoming the best and most innovative Open Source software for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.



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Kubernetes - Container | © Bild von Alexander Kliem auf Pixabay

Camptocamp assists you to make the right decisions depending of your needs. We have the skills, the experience and the solutions to help you.

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Main features

  • agnostic approach in terms of underlying resources
  • service discovery and load-balancing
  • storage abstraction and orchestration
  • automated rollouts and rollbacks 
  • horizontal scaling, self-healing, automatic bin packing
  • secret and configuration management
  • batch execution and CI workloads


... and many other useful features!

Technology stack | © Camptocamp

But before taking full advantage...

... of Kubernetes, a company first needs to answer a couple of questions:

  • do I want to go on a hybrid approach (private and/or public cloud)?
  • could I deploy Kubernetes on top of my own virtualization platform?
  • which solution to deploy Kubernetes should be chosen?
  • do I want to integrate Kubernetes on top of my own on-premises infrastructure?
  • are my developments compatible with Kubernetes? 
  • do my developers need to improve their skills to be able to use Kubernetes, and how can they do it?
  • at the operational level, where will my data be deployed?
  • who will be in charge of managing this orchestration platform?
Questions | © Bild von Arek Socha auf Pixabay
Questions | © Bild von Arek Socha auf Pixabay

Camptocamp and Kubernetes

Camptocamp masters the principles and the operating system (Linux), which is at the heart of the Kubernetes solution.

We have deployed and operate many Kubernetes platforms on on-premises infrastructures, but also on the main Cloud platforms on the market (Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Exoscale or OVH). We do not only intervene to set up the various Kubernetes services, but also accompany our customers to help them to develop their practices (DevOps). Through training courses and specialized workshops, we guarantee the reliability and efficiency of our teams.

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