Open Source Is Who We Are

Camptocamp is an unusual name for an IT company.


Born from a passion for the mountains and a community-driven platform for outdoor enthusiasts, our name reflects our unique history. 

Today, we harness the spirit of open collaboration in everything we do, offering cutting-edge Open Source IT solutions in ERP (Odoo), GIS, and IT Management Systems. With a strong foundation in consulting, implementation, and R&D, we empower enterprises with the freedom and flexibility of Open Source, ensuring they reach new heights of success.

What we do

Geospatial Solutions

When location matters, we help our customers solve their most important challenges.

Business Management Software (Odoo)

When processes matter, we help our customers transform their business operations.

Infrastructure Solutions

When reliability matters, we help our customers improve their IT infrastructure.

Open Source is our DNA, fueling innovation, collaboration, and freedom in technology to benefit businesses worldwide.

We’re committed to the philosophy of Open Source IT and the value that it offers our employees and clients.

What you can expect from us


Professional expertise in Open Source solutions at your disposal for your projects.
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Agile methods to implement your Open Source solutions.
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Maintenance & Hosting

SLA's to run your Open Source solutions in a sustainable and reliable way.
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Subscription Management

Expertise to optimize the purchase and use of your Open Source Subscriptions.
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Open Source experts share their know how to improve your skills.
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Trust is at the center of how we work

Business Management Software (Odoo)

Harnessing Future-Proof Solutions: SBG Systems' Operational Excellence with Camptocamp

SBG Systems, a leader in the manufacturing of navigation systems and inertial measurement units, reached the limits of its existing Odoo system, which had not been updated for nearly eight years.
Geospatial Solutions

Camptocamp & Switzerland Mobility: A Digital Transformation Story

Recognizing the need for a more robust and user-friendly digital platform, Switzerland Mobility sought a partnership to develop a new website and a headless CMS database that could support their ambitious vision for future growth and user interaction.
Business Management Software (Odoo)

Full of energy with Odoo

Specialized in photovoltaic installations, the Vaud-based company MCR-e used Camptocamp's Smartcamp solution to boost its productivity. A real success story, built module after module, that opens new perspectives.