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Camptocamp is a Swiss service company founded in 2001 in the field of Open Source software with great expertise in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), IT Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our services include consulting, implementation, training, maintenance, support and R&D. In addition, Camptocamp has sophisticated competencies in consulting and sales of subscriptions for enterprise solutions in the Open Source environment, such as the Red Hat or Suse portfolio.

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About us

We are one of Europe's leading companies in the development and integration of Open Source software, with a focus on Switzerland, France and Germany. The Camptocamp Group has over 190 employees and has three business units: the headquarter in Switzerland with offices in Bussigny and Olten (Camptocamp SA), two branches in France in Paris and Chambéry (Camptocamp France SAS) and our German branch in Munich (Camptocamp Germany GmbH).

What makes Camptocamp special is our highly qualified staff, our relentless focus on customer value, and our strong commitment to the "ecosystem" of the Open Source software solutions we use by maintaining very close relationships with the vendors of the respective products. In order to implement ambitious projects, Camptocamp creates individual solutions based on the best and most modern Open Source technologies which are perfectly adapted to the respective local needs.

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Our History

Camptocamp is a rather unusual name for an IT company, the reason for this can be found in our history.

Our company has its roots in the mountains, where our founders travelled a lot and had the idea to share their experiences with a bigger community. So the forum was founded with the aim to facilitate the exchange of information between mountain addicts and to increase the safety while doing mountain activities.

During the development of this platform, which is still very popular today, our founders were able to gain a lot of technical know-how. In order to exploit the full potential of this idea and to develop it commercially, the company Camptocamp SA was founded on the campus of the EPFL Lausanne.

A first version of Cartoweb was developed, an Open Source solution for map-based display of hiking trails on the Internet. The possibilities of interactive cartographic representations on the web soon raised great interest from public authorities and in the private sector, so the young company grew rapidly and began to offer services in the field of Geographic Information Systems based on Open Source technologies.

We love challenges!

The subsequent growth is due to various opportunities. The needs of our customers went relatively quickly beyond the simple cartographic representation of geodata, services related to hosting, management and maintenance of the solutions were required. The "Infrastructure Solutions" department was born.

Having already been represented in two countries (Lausanne and Chambéry), new challenges emerged due to the different currencies, tax regulations and directives. As a classic start-up company with rather unconventionally grown processes, the moment had come to implement an internal ERP system. We found what we were looking for in the Open Source community and were one of the first customers of Odoo, which at that time was still called TinyERP. Once again we used the knowledge acquired internally to develop a commercial offer for our customers, which was finally settled in the new department "Business Solutions".

Ongoing expansion

In the Infrastructure Department, there have always been interactions with Open Source solutions from Red Hat & SUSE, especially in connection with questions about subscriptions. Since there was little expertise in this area, Camptocamp acquired the company Linuxland GmbH (today Camptocamp Germany GmbH) in Munich in 2015. This enabled us to expand our business fields to the German market and to add Subscription Sales as a new department.

In order to be closer to our local customers in German-speaking Switzerland and to promote the connection to Germany, our subsidiary in Olten was opened in spring 2016 and a local team was established. As the last step in our international expansion to date and in order to strengthen our position in France, we moved into our new offices in Paris in mid-2018.

Finally, in 2022, we were able to move into our fantastic and modern new base camp at the QG Centre in Bussigny.


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Our Team

"Great developments in companies never come from one person. They are the product of a team." Steve Jobs

In this sense the employees are the most important asset of Camptocamp! Focussed on high customer orientation and a strong team spirit, they perform at their best daily to successfully implement innovative IT projects together with our customers. Not only Open Software and Data, but also Open Communication, Open Structures and an Open Mind are the foundations of Camptocamps' culture.

It is a priority of our management to offer all employees a modern, innovative and motivating working environment. Flexible working time models, paternity leave well above average, or the possibility to partially work at home office are just some of the ways in which we take into account the personal situation of our employees and their development plans.

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Management Board

The management always has an open ear for the input of our employees. This is the only way to ensure that Camptocamp continues to develop, remains one of the most innovative companies in the field of Open Source Software, and will continue to inspire customers in the future.

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