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Odoo Operations

& Logistics

The "Lean Logistics" within your reach!

For companies wishing to digitize their logistics processes and/or change their software, Odoo Logistics is the perfect solution! It is a suite of Odoo modules that are modern, efficient, ergonomic, mobile and progressively deployable.

Odoo Operations & Logistics | ©  Jens P. Raak / Pixabay

Rock your logistics with Odoo Moove

A Suite developed by Camptocamp that includes a wide range of advanced features around the principles of Connect, Manage, Guide, Automate and Integrate.


Odoo Inventory Management (WMS)

  • Warehouses, storage bins, stock rules, push/pull flows, requirements calculation
  • Professional Barcode, drive your operations
  • Make to Order (MTO) and Make to Stock (MTS) products, traceability, stock valuation, quality control
  • Inventories, packing, carrier interface, drop-shipping
  • Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP)

Odoo Manufacturing (MRP)

  • Multi-level BOMs and routings (including versioning), load centers, product lifecycle management (PLM), outsourcing
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Production orders, maintenance orders, dismantling orders, repair orders
  • Make to Order (MTO) and Make to Stock (MTS) products, barcodes, traceability, cost price of manufactured products, stock valuation
  • Quality control
  • Calculation of requirements, master production plan, planning
  • Odoo IoT Box (Internet of Things) functionality: easily connect your measurement/test equipment to Odoo
Odoo MRP | © Camptocamp
Odoo MRP | © Camptocamp


you need in a single software package

In addition to Odoo MRP, discover how Odoo can also manage:

  • your sales, purchases, stocks and accounting
  • your projects and human resources

Odoo Gold Partner

An Odoo Gold partner since the beginning of the solution in 2006, Camptocamp supports your teams in the integration of the Odoo solution in a proportionate and pragmatic way.

Whether you are a small local structure or on the contrary an international company, Odoo helps you to organize and automate your processes in an efficient way.

We adapt our approach according to your context:

  • Your needs are standard and you want to adapt your processes to the tool in order to implement fast. Then Odoo SmartCamp projects are ideal for you! 
  • You are looking for a solution that adapts to your processes, so that the tool perfectly matches your business needs. Then let's start an Odoo implementation project together! 

With an international presence (Switzerland, France, Germany) and its network of partners throughout the world, Camptocamp is the privileged partner to carry out your multi-company and international projects.

Odoo Gold Partner | © Odoo

Customer Journey

Business Management Software (Odoo)
Customer Journey Swisslux | © Swisslux


Wherever light switches on and off automatically, Swisslux is involved: The Swiss company is the market leader in the field of intelligent lighting solutions based on motion sensors and offers innovative lighting systems developed in-house.
Business Management Software (Odoo)

QoQa Services AG

Every day QoQa puts a product on sale for 24 hours, according to the principle of "1 day, 1 deal". The implementation of a business management tool was therefore essential.
Business Management Software (Odoo)
Customer Journey Beendi | © Beendi


Double the bite thanks to Odoo - beendi offers you healthy and original blends of flavors, ingredients and know-how for your daily use!
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The integrated solution Odoo

The business solution Odoo is a modern, 100% web-based and modular suite of business apps with which you can manage all your company's processes. Discover how Odoo can help you:

Odoo Sales Management

CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting
Read more

Odoo Project Management

Projects, Tasks, HR, Time tracking, Planning, Documents
Read more

Odoo Finance Accounting

Invoicing, Financial & analytic accounting, Asset management, Budgeting
Read more

Odoo Moove

Advanced Warehouse Management with "Moove", a WMS powered by Odoo.
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Odoo SmartCamp

A complete Odoo SaaS implementation based on standard functionalities.
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