The best recipes are often the simplest ones. That‘s a good thing: at beendi, you have as much appetite as taste for things well done. The employees of the company in the south of France, who are driven by the explosion of flavors that end up on their customers‘ plates, have been victims of their own success. Over time, their fans have increased to the point of becoming so many disorganized hotchpotch. This is one hair Beendi is determined to remove from our delicious veggie soup.

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«far from the French Stock Exchange»

«Like any small business, we managed our data pragmatically, whether it was in Excel files or different software. At some point we had to say stop», smiles Lucas Florentin, Head of Administration and Finance at beendi, today. The food brand had a clear objective: to find an ERP capable of gathering all the information and managing all the company‘s flows. The first tests with really extensive software made his stomach churn. «Given our structure, we really don‘t have the same needs as a large organisation,» says Lucas Florentin.

So when Camptocamp finally offered them THE solution to put their ideas in order, they didn‘t hesitate for a second. The IT company introduced them to Odoo. It was love at first sight and the à la carte menu provoked their taste buds. 
Convinced by the modular structure of the tool, beendi started a real sprint followed by a marathon. «The software is based on modules which can be configured relatively independently, hence the easy integration that we were able to spread over a year and a half, according to our needs», says Sophie Vitrant, Director of Operations at beendi.

Sculpture on module

When it came time to find the key to combining the different ingredients on the other side of the screen, the dynamism of the young French team hit the nail on the head. «Camptocamp was the ideal partner right from the start,» continues Sophie Vitrant. We are a young company with people who are very comfortable with technology. We wanted to understand and do things by ourselves». A philosophy shared by the partner company, which prefers to teach its customers how to fish rather than deliver sushi on a platter. Sophie Vitrant explains: «We receive a module, then it is up to us to give it its final shape. I compare the approach to that of a craftsman with terracotta.» Sales, accounting, stocks...  Eighteen months later, her colleagues have indeed given shape to the tool according to their needs.

Vacuum cleaner vs. hand brush

The results were not long in arriving. One example among many: the financial one. With the growth in turnover, it had become urgent to get a grip on the sometimes hazy figures. «Odoo has helped me to regain control. Today, I can see very easily which customer owes me money, how much, when I have to raise it, not to mention the customizable invoices,» continues Lucas Florentin. Better still, errors and other data losses have completely disappeared. «To put it in perspective: you can clean your house with a small brush, but a good vacuum cleaner is on a different level. That‘s exactly what happened with ERP.» Odoo thus allows beendi to combine all its interfaces, including the e-commerce site / web shop.

For Sophie Vitrant, it is important to talk about a successful evolution, without going through a revolution. «This transfer has not changed our way of working. We have kept our habits, our way of interacting, but everything has been made more flexible and easier». That‘s a relief for some employees, who are now working on concrete future projects rather than devoting themselves to boring tasks that can be managed in a jiffy. «We‘ve gone from a wide gap to a straight, well-marked path. It‘s clean and neat,» says Lucas Florentin.

The end of the old school cast

As for the contact with Camptocamp, it continues today through a personalized coaching that has seduced the whole team. «We know precisely who our contacts are, who came to see us at the beginning of the project, and at the slightest question, we go through a chat or screen sharing where everything is explained quickly and precisely», appreciates Sophie Vitrant. «This is a change from the usual after-sales service or hotline, or software that wants to make companies in a rigid, old school cast». A link that Camptocamp wants, «a remote working company, which facilitates all collaboration and communication,» says Lucas Florentin.

    beedeli | © beedeli

    A second sub-brand

    This successful recipe, which has become as important to beendi as his own recipe book, allows him to confidently approach the launch of his second sub-brand, beedeli. With the declared objective of doubling its turnover by the end of 2021. Driven by its successful collaboration with Camptocamp, the food company is more than ever working harder to double its sales.


    Created in 2013, the company beendi (which was spelled beendhi with «h» until last year) produces organic and veggie food directly inspired by traditional Indian cuisine. It is based in the Drôme region of France and currently has 25 employees. Its credo: to awaken the taste buds with a mixture of spices and flavors. The products of the young and dynamic team are gourmet, healthy, practical and accessible at the same time.

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