Within the scope of our SmartCamp product, comprised of three-hour workshops on your premises, you can set up Odoo with the help of our experts within 6 weeks. At the same time you will be trained in the use and adaptation of this innovative Open Source Business Suite.

Odoo SmartCamp: the concept

An implementation starts with a BaseCamp workshop, where our experts explain the Odoo ecosystem and show the strengths and limitations of the software. During this workshop a roadmap is created based on the customer needs to determine the number of Odoo SmartCamps that are likely to be needed to achieve the goals.

Afterwards weekly SmartCamps of 3 hours each take place with a small working team (1-4 persons). There, all aspects necessary for the implementation of the solution are discussed and executed:

  • the parameterization
  • the use of the software
  • Customization and automation
  • Data import

The hosting of the application is provided via Odoo’s SaaS online offering in the publisher’s cloud. This allows you to benefit from a constant development of the solution and a continuous expansion of the range of functions. The official Odoo support is included, optionally support by the experts of Camptocamp can be booked.

Odoo SmartCamp: the advantages of this exclusive method

If you decide to buy an Odoo SmartCamp you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • high flexibility: You plan the workshops according to your own implementation speed

  • fast implementation: within 6 weeks you will have a productive version

  • technical security: your Odoo instance is 100% hosted by the publisher

  • low costs: by using the standardized SaaS solution you save at least 80% of the costs compared to a classic ERP implementation

Before you decide on an Odoo implementation according to the SmartCamp methodology, we will evaluate in a detailed conversation whether your primary requirements can be covered 100% with the Odoo standard version.

It is not excluded that in the course of time specific needs may arise which cannot be covered by the standard functionalities, e.g. in case of a strong growth of your company. In this case your instance can be transferred to a normal project at certain times and hosted on Odoo.sh or on our own cloud platform.

Book your first SmartCamp now!

“Your concept is really great, a summary of expertise à la carte, exactly what we needed”, was the comment of one of our first customers who benefited from Odoo SmartCamp.

Do you want to start quickly with Odoo with a minimal investment and benefit from expert knowledge at the same time? Contact us now!