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Securing Your Business: Cloud Security Solutions Tailored for You

Leveraging our 10+ years experience in cloud solutions management, Camptocamp is meeting the growing complexity of our clients’ needs with cloud security solutions

From designing and implementing to maintaining PaaS, SaaS, and cloud infrastructures, we excel in securing all aspects of the cloud, now ready to protect and enhance your digital environment.

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securing_your_business | © unsplash

Why Camptocamp?

Because securing your Kubernetes environment demands the proven expertise of seasoned specialists.

Leveraging Our Strengths for Your Security

Our strategy leverages our strengths to enhance your security with tailored client-focused consulting and audit services to strengthen your cloud infrastrcture. We develop innovative tools and methodologies, including specialized Odoo-based tools, for effective system mapping.


We expertly secure your Kubernetes — identifying threats, strengthening network and pod security, managing secrets, and controlling access.

Cloud Security Posture Management

We assist with inventory and threat management in cloud environments, helping control asset proliferation and manage vulnerabilities effectively.


Our methodology enhances your critical production chain, securing code repositories, optimizing CI/CD security, and controlling cloud resource creation to minimize risks.

Certification support

We help in the certification processes by designing and validating your security assurance plans.

Resource observability

We assist with setting up observability of resources and alerting and quota to protect clients against cloud resource leaks and uncontrolled costs.

Business Application Security

We specialize in securing ERP and case management software, focusing on permission validation, process observability, interface security, fraud protection, anomaly detection, and physical security integration.

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What we offer

At Camptocamp, we deliver tailored cloud security services to protect and optimize your infrastructure. Here’s what we offer:

  • Audits, Reporting, Detection and Penetration Testing
    We conduct in-depth analyses and resilience tests to identify and address vulnerabilities in your Kubernetes and cloud infrastructures, accompanied by detailed reports and proactive recommendations.
  • Infrastructure and Software Package Evaluation
    We enhance security, performance, and compliance, providing strategic advice to improve your security stance and optimize software configurations.
  • Security Roadmap and Expert Consulting
    Custom planning for enduring security and expert guidance on technology selection, security policies, and advanced protective measures for your applications. We offer insights into top solutions like Cilium and Tetragon, and provide hands-on assistance to implement these strategies effectively.
  • Expert Support
    Our qualified experts are available to ensure the success of your cloud projects, from initial planning to full implementation.

These streamlined services are designed to create a secure, efficient, and compliant cloud environment, supported by our team of cloud security experts.

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