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We monitor your web services

Our infrastructure experts actively collaborate with the development teams of the several projects on which we intervene to set up and manage scalable and high-performance hosting platforms, to handle the user base growth while guaranteeing a very high level of availability.

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Web Architecture | © Shutterstock

A sudden sharp increase in server load...

... is a common problem in web architectures. Due to our Know How we can guarantee a stable performance even in case of a considerable increase of the server load. For this purpose we use the following means:

  • caching HTTP resources to relieve application servers
  • load balancing across multiple servers to...
    • ... not being limited by the maximum server size
    • ... guarantee a high level of redundancy (fault tolerance)
    • ... facilitate maintenance (security, upgrades) without service interruption
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Customer Journeys

Infrastructure Solutions
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Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Swisstopo hosts over 300 terabyte of geographic data in the cloud and makes it publicly available. For the federal authority to become a cloud pioneer, it took a lot of willpower, competent advice - and a stroke of luck.
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Cloud Computing

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