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The Inkmap project, born from the wish to have fast and powerful high resolution printing embedded in javascript applications, supported by Camptocamp and the french Ministry of Environment (MTE), is proud to announce its very first release: version 1.0.0

The release comes along with a mature architecture, a good packaging system so you can import it as a dependency from your javascript application, great new features and an online demo to try it out asap.

In terms of features, Inkmap now supports vector data (WFS format) and relies on geostyler format specification to print the data with the good looking you created for them. Inkmap of course still supports XYZ, WMTS and WMS raster formats.

To go beyond simple web map printing, Inkmap comes with a powerful engine able to print high DPI maps and supports custom projections, very important on the fields when you face concrete use cases.

The new demo page illustrates common printing uses cases and give examples and best practices to demonstrate how to interact with the library

  • Print job monitoring
  • Print cancelation
  • Print as a PDF
  • Print scale/ north arrow
  • Error handling
  • Custom projection

The Inkmap team is really excited to share this with the community and look forward to getting any feedback regarding the usage of the library, the performance or anything related to web map printing. The team really focused on making things simple for the developer to integrate and use the library, but also to provide a good API, based on Observables, so integrators can provide a great user experience around printing, we hope you’ll like it.

Enjoy discovering the library and feel free to contribute on the Github of the project.

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