Since 2006 and long before Odoo became the leading Open Source business software solution, Camptocamp has been an Odoo Gold Partner.

This October, 23 members of our team are heading to the Odoo Experience. It is the largest delegation from camptocamp to join the event ever. They’re going to connect with other Odoo enthusiasts and share some of the knowledge they’ve acquired working with the tool since it first hit the market.

In the spirit of Open Source sharing, our teams are routinely contributing to Odoo and OCA public projects. Camptocamp is proud that our Developer Iván Todorovich is nominated as Best Contributor to the Odoo Community this year.


Camptocamp Talks at Odoo Experience 2022

At this year’s Odoo Experience, attendees will have the option to hear five presentations from our team. In addition, Camptocamp Founder and Managing Partner Luc Maurer will participate in three different Community Talks. 


Odoo and Tediber: Delivering better sleep with Odoo

By Emeric Panisset

Tediber is a French company with a vision to disrupt the mattress industry by producing affordable, high-quality products made entirely in France and Belgium. But even for a company in the business of good sleep, managing a growing business on multiple IT systems is exhausting.

At this year’s Odoo Experience conference, Camptocamp consultant Emeric Panisset will share how our team came alongside Tediber to bring their IT tools together onto one integrated Odoo system. Now, they can rest easy and focus on taking their business to the next level.


How Odoo helped me start my own beer shop in Switzerland

By Fabrizio Capellino

Our Camptocamp consultants believe in the power of Odoo so much that they even use it in their own businesses. At the upcoming Odoo Experience, Fabrizio Capellino will share how the system has transformed his beer shop – MUGI Beer.

From online-offline retail management, purchasing and sales, to accounting, a standard implementation of Odoo covers 98% of what he needs to do to run his business. Lucky for us because that leaves him enough time to support Camptocamp clients on their Odoo journeys as well!


Patterns and antipatterns in Odoo module development

By Alexandre Fayolle

After 10 years of working with Odoo, Camptocamp solutions architect Alexandre Fayolle knows the platform like the back of his hand. Every developer knows that writing great code is hard but what is good code anyways? Code that works as specified? Code that is easy to port to a new version of Odoo? Or simply code that is easy to maintain and read by somebody new to the project? In this presentation, Alexandre will share a few tricks to ensure your code is even better than before. 


Odoo revolutionizes healthcare last mile logistics with digital labels and smart scales

By Joël Grand-Guillaume

In order to make sure that patients get the medical supplies they need when they need them, healthcare supply chains have grown incredibly complex.

At Odoo Experience, Camptocamp’s Head of Business Solutions Joël Grand-Guillaume will share how we implemented Odoo alongside smart scales to monitor supply stocks and automate new orders according to predefined rules. With this revolutionary partnership, hospitals can avoid human error, see their inventory in real time, and save both time and money. The future of how hospitals manage their stocks will never be the same.


Adding features to Odoo POS : A case study

By Iván Todorovich

As with many things in life, the real magic is in the customization of a standard experience. For any developers who are asked to develop add-ons for the Odoo POS but aren’t sure how to get started, Camptocamp’s Iván Todorovich will give you some keys to help demystify the process.