The Camptocamp Manifesto

At Camptocamp, Open Source is who we are. Sharing isn’t just about caring – it’s about building the sustainable world we want to live in. A world where the work we do contributes to something bigger than we are, bigger than any one project we’re involved in. 

We’re motivated by a challenge, but we’re humble enough to know that we can’t get there without our teammates and partners. We’re pragmatic and results-focused; when you’re tied together on the mountain and a storm rolls in, no one asks for complicated theories or eventualities. We adapt; we innovate; we climb to the top. Together.

If given the choice, we’d always take quality over quantity. Skill over speed. We know that mastery takes time and determination. The most important work happens in quiet persistence, the daily ritual of excellence

We take ourselves seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously: we’re meticulous in our work, and when we get it right, we enjoy a cold beer with our teammates.

We believe that work is an integral part of life, but it isn’t everything. With our teammates, we respect the whole person, the entirety of their purpose, their responsibilities, and their joy. We put trust and freedom at the center of our relationships and allow each other the flexibility needed to hold all of life’s pieces together. 

At the end of the day, life’s an adventure, and we don’t want to miss a moment. If you agree, come pitch your tent with us


Our values


We are constantly developing, motivated by the spirit of the partnership and based on trust. The respect we always show - towards our customers, our employees and the open source community - is fundamental to our DNA. This gives all employees the freedom to work independently. We build on a living learning culture in which experiences and ideas are shared and deepened.

Team spirit

Our most important asset is our team. We promote a collaborative culture, exchange of feedback and sharing of best practices. Each team member makes his or her own personal contribution to a relaxed working atmosphere - there is also plenty of room for interpersonal interaction! That is why we are always looking for people who are looking for a challenge, who can identify with our values and who are inspired by our vision.


We offer our employees a working environment which provides them with room to develop new ideas and innovations. We are aware that we owe our employees the most important innovations in our company history. Working in our teams means above all to be a player in the Open Source field. We are proud to be supported by first class employees who strive for quality and work to establish Camptocamp as a leading company in the Open Source world. At Camptocamp, everyone has the opportunity to leave their personal innovation footprint in the company and in the communities.


We have a decisive influence - with flat hierarchies and direct communication channels. Whether experienced engineer or university graduate - our management is accessible to all team members for a creative exchange of ideas. Everyone has the chance to set concrete impulses and help shape the future of the company. We are committed to identifying and seizing opportunities that will enable us to jointly develop the business of the future.

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