QGIS is an Open Source desktop GIS application which has quickly become a reference over the last few years. It offers users the possibility of viewing a large number of data formats and handling them in the context of various processing and analysis tasks.

This training will allow you to understand how QGIS works and get a glimpse of the complex processes involved in GRASS.

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Dates and locations

Target audience and prerequisites

  • GIS managers, Specialitsts in Geomatics
  • Knowledge of GIS
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  • Install and configure QGIS and its extensions
  • Control problems reading the vector and raster data (format, encoding, etc.)
  • Control manipulation features offered by QGIS (create, edit, symbology and delete spatial and/or attribute GIS data)
  • Have a first overview of possible treatments within the QGIS interface


  • Public training in France or Switzerland: please contact us
  • Private training: please contact us
  • From 700 € or 900 CHF / day / trainee (for other currency, please contact us)

Camptocamp curriculum

Lecture content/Topics

Day 1

QGIS Presentation

  • Goals of the QGIS project
  • Documentation
  • Community
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Extensions

Reading data

  • General
  • Vector
  • Raster
  • Issues with projections
  • Web Services (WMS et WFS)

Day 2

QGIS-server (option)

  • Presentation
  • Installation and configuration
  • Creating a project
  • QGIS-webclient

Introduction on GRASS within QGIS (option)

  • Creating a GRASS project
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Introduction to GRASS processing

Day 3

Creation and modification of data

  • Creation of layers
  • Edition
  • Modification of the data structure

Work with layers

  • Semiotics
  • Simple query
  • Printing and creation of maps


  • Reading data from a proprietary API (Google Map)
  • DB Manager
  • WFS

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Yves Jacolin

Training & Support Manager

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Additional training

This training can be paired with the QGIS Server, QGIS: development of plugins, PostGIS.