Replacing ISR pay-in slips with QR codes

Based on Open Source, Odoo continuously evolves to follow the legislation and to take into account essential new features as soon as they appear.

This is the case for the QR-Invoice, which will be available to start being issued from June 30th 2020, instead of the current orange and red pay-in slips (IS and ISR). PostFinance and Swiss Post will be able to process QR bills from this date.

Even if the old pay-in slips are still valid, it makes sense for companies to introduce the QR bill as early as this summer. This will enable you to benefit from the many advantages of automation, universality and speed of processing on both the customer and supplier sides.

In addition, once the official end date for the use of IS and ISR is known, ERP integrators will be very busy due to the need to quickly upgrade many of their customers so they remain compliant.

There are two aspects to this transition: issuing QR-invoices to your customers and processing QR-invoices received from your suppliers.

Odoo QR Code Invoice | © Camptocamp

Issuing QR invoices with Odoo

Thanks to a close collaboration between the editor of Odoo and Camptocamp, the Odoo Invoicing module is now ready to issue invoices with QR code under Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise version 13 (currently the latest version), and it is being finalized for the previous Odoo versions 11 and 12.

Reading QR-invoices with Odoo

On the other hand, you will gradually receive more and more QR invoices to process. Camptocamp, the first Odoo Gold partner since 2006, has taken the lead.

Currently, we are finalizing the development of a community module to easily capture QR invoice information. This module will be donated to the OCA - - and will be available free of charge.

Once the data from this two-dimensional "barcode" is read, it is automatically integrated into the Odoo Accounting and Odoo Documents modules, thus saving time and reducing the risk of error.

Even if a QR code can be read by a smartphone, we recommend that you use a QR code reader (e.g. PayEye), which reads and checks Swiss QR Codes very quickly. PayEye works via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB-C and its use will be 100% integrated with Odoo via the community module that we will make available soon.


Odoo QR Code Invoice | © Camptocamp

Be the first to make this transition with Odoo!

Camptocamp invites you to be among the first to make this transition.

As part of our Odoo software maintenance contract, all of our clients can already claim to integrate these evolutions into their own Odoo instance - with only a small additional cost for the necessary training.

If you are a company or an organization that does not use Odoo or no ERP solution at all, maybe the adoption of QR-invoice is an opportunity to evaluate Odoo in order to have a complete set of functionalities (CRM, Sales, Accounting, Purchasing, Stocks, Manufacturing, Projects, HR...) within one and the same business application suite, modern, 100% integrated and compliant with Swiss standards.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts now for personalized advice according to your situation.