QGIS Hub is the latest initiative from the QGIS community allowing people to share their QGIS resources with other users. The resource categories available are QGIS Style, QGIS Processing Model, QGIS Project, QGIS Layer Definition, and 3D Model. People can download and use them for their QGIS project. It’s an ongoing initiative that is growing fast with already more than 160 resources uploaded. Many of these resources have been downloaded thousands of times, showcasing the value of the QGIS Hub for the community.

To make it even more convenient for QGIS users to access this platform, Camptocamp has developed the QGIS Hub Plugin. This plugin greatly facilitates the current process as it enables QGIS users to browse the resources more easily and add them to QGIS directly. Essentially, there are two types of resource viewers, grid view and list view. Grid view allows users to see the resizable thumbnails of the resource while in the list view, they can sort by name, creator, download count, or uploaded date. Users can also search by name or creator and filter by resource type. After its release as an experimental plugin, followed by a testing phase, the plugin has now been officially released and can be downloaded from the QGIS Plugin Manager.

The plugin is very intuitive to use, as shown above, but if you need some guidance, you can check the corresponding documentation here. If you find a bug or have an idea to improve the plugin, feel free to submit it via the plugin’s GitHub repository.

So try out the plugin to download your favorite QGIS resource, enriching your QGIS project with the valuable resources provided by the QGIS Hub!