Camptocamp is proud to sponsor two significant events in June dedicated to PostgreSQL: and

As a company committed to supporting our clients in deploying, optimizing, monitoring, securing, and utilizing PostgreSQL, we have decided to extend our support to the PostgreSQL community by sponsoring these conferences at the "supporters" level.


In addition to our sponsorship, we are contributing to the events' content through three accepted presentations: presentations

1. H3 Indexing by Julien Waddle

  • Date: June 12th
  • Time: 14:45
  • Overview: This presentation will delve into the H3 indexing system and its applications within PostgreSQL, offering insights into its capabilities and benefits.

2. Mastered Migration of Large-Scale PostgreSQL by Julien Acroute

  • Date: June 12th
  • Time: 16:45
  • Overview: Julien Acroute will share strategies and best practices for managing large-scale PostgreSQL migrations, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition process. presentation

3. Geodata Management with PostGIS by Marion Baumgartner

  • Date: June 27th
  • Time: 16:30
  • Overview: Marion Baumgartner will explore the management of geospatial data using PostGIS, highlighting key techniques and tools for effective geodata management within PostgreSQL.


Additionally, Marion Baumgartner is actively involved in the organizational and program committees for, further supporting the planning and execution of the event.

Support for the Community

Camptocamp's sponsorship and participation in and highlight our ongoing support for the PostgreSQL community. We look forward to contributing to the success of these events and engaging with other PostgreSQL enthusiasts.

We invite everyone interested in PostgreSQL to join us at these events to learn, share, and connect. See you there!