With this release of the most innovative ERP solution in the last few years, Odoo is setting the new standard for companies of all sizes. More than a hundred evolutions and improvements have been made in Odoo 15 by the editor. The complete detail here.

Let's have a closer look at the main points of interest.

Ergonomics, productivity and communication

Users and managers will be (even more) convinced!

  • from a cross-functional point of view, for all Odoo modules:
    • real time collaboration: you can see who is writing/editing live on a task description field or on integrated spreadsheets, for example 
    • an automatic “save” feature has been added Odoo Discuss: direct integration of audio and video calls 
  • Odoo Studio: ability to edit graphical views
  • Gmail and Outlook add-ons to create tasks, leads and tickets directly from your favorite inbox
Odoo 15 Screenshot | © Odoo

Inventory, stock management, Odoo WMS

With Odoo v15, inventory management gets a lot of additional and optimized functionalities:

  • several types of picking are now possible: batch picking, wave picking, cluster picking
  • ability to easily and quickly receive several different orders at the same time
  • SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) support useful for the use of barcodes on logistic units (pallets...); this goes hand in hand with GS1 support in general
  • stock reservations can now be either automatic, manual or triggered X days before the scheduled date
  • "Product Locator: scan an item and Odoo shows where it is located

Many additional improvements on logistics have been integrated in Odoo Moove, an OCA suite of add-on modules that was developed by Camptocamp in 2019 and 2020 for a major health-logistics company in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Odoo 15 | © Odoo
Odoo 15 Screenshot | © Odoo

Physical point of sale: Odoo POS

Odoo version 15 adds the following new functionalities that are important for a modern retailer in their store:

  • generation, sale and use of gift vouchers, with the possibility to be used either in the physical store or on the webshop
  • placing an order via Odoo e-commerce or in the back-end with the possibility for the customer to pick it up in the store
  • possibility to offer the customer a later delivery if he doesn’t want to take the purchased goods immediately
  • creation of product packs with dedicated barcodes
  • customers may pay later or in instalments 
  • import of quotes and orders made outside of the point of sale
  • addition of notes to any article on the receipt
  • for Switzerland mainly: standard integration of Six Payment Services for credit card payment
Odoo 15 Screenshot | © Odoo

Project management

The most notable evolutions are the following:

  • the concept of dependencies between tasks and the calculation by Odoo of the critical path, will make you a project management pro!
  • definition of project steps and milestones
  • Odoo 15 allows you to create private tasks, visible only to you
  • 360° project view with multiple monitoring indicators and periodic reviews, including a burndown chart.
Odoo 15 Screenshot | © Odoo
Odoo 15 Screenshot | © Odoo

Manufacturing, Material Requirements Planning, Subcontracting


  • Master Production Schedule: consideration of demands from the previous two years to estimate replenishment; consideration of component requirements from draft production orders
  • subcontracting: new logistics route for replenishment to order, flexible consumption
  • the concept of analytical accounting appears on the production orders, which will allow to efficiently follow all the production costs in real time; for the engineering offices, the Engineering to Order process in Odoo is even smoother

Invoicing and accounting

In Switzerland, Odoo already fully complies with the Swiss Payment Standards (ISO 20022) and is able to issue invoices with QR-BVR. With the new Odoo version 15, direct synchronization of bank flows is now possible with the following Swiss banks: UBS, Raiffeisen and PostFinance.

As for France, Odoo 15 essentially allows the import of FEC files (in addition to the export).


Moreover, the following new features have been implemented:

  • management of tax representations: possibility to have several VAT numbers for a customer
  • bank reconciliation: even faster and easier with the optimization of the lettering rules
  • provisioning of unpaid invoices (based on deliveries and receipts)
  • ageing receivables in foreign currency

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