“What a great Odoo version!

That is the best release we have ever done”.

It was with these evocative words that Fabien Pinckaers, founder and manager of Odoo SA, ended his introductory speech to present the new features contained in Odoo 14. With Odoo 14 Enterprise and Community, Odoo is now in a mature version. In this article, we will focus on the main points of this new version as the number of additions, improvements and innovations is so large.

Odoo Business Intelligence

Under Odoo 14, each Pivot view - data visualization in a pivot table format - has a new "Insert in a spreadsheet" button allowing to transfer the visualized data in an Excel spreadsheet directly integrated in the Odoo interface.
You will find data formatting (including conditional), graphs, multi-tabs, many advanced formulas (AVERAGE, IF, VLOOKUP, LEFT/RIGHT, CONCATENATE...). All the spreadsheets created this way are grouped together in the Odoo Documents module. Moreover, if you create a spreadsheet directly from this document management module, you have access to a number of templates as detailed in the screenshot below. An incredible new reporting feature in Odoo!

Odoo 14 Spreadsheet | © Odoo

Odoo Accounting

Several evolutions to be noticed:

  1. the improvement of bank reconciliation models: Even more bank transactions will be matched automatically
  2. A new "disallowed taxes" report will help you to keep track of the differences between accounting and fiscal profit. So the calculation of corporate tax becomes easier
  3. Unrealized exchange gains and losses will in a dynamic report and will allow the user to generate revaluation accounting entries
Odoo 14 Accounting | © Odoo 14 Accounting
  1. the appearance of a read-only access right to give serenely access to your accounting firm to your accounting;
  2. in connection with the Documents module, the improvement of the Odoo OCR engine for the automated creation of scanned supplier invoices; scan them all at once and you will divide the scanned PDF into as many documents (invoices or not) in Odoo!
  3. Odoo EDI : import/export of customer/supplier invoices in EDI (UBL);
  4. Odoo Switzerland: generation of swiss specific QR-invoices (based on QR-IBAN), in collaboration with Camptocamp


Odoo Stocks and Purchases

Replenishment management has been improved both ergonomically and in terms of stock forecasting.

The Odoo Approvals module - which appeared in version 13 - integrates in version 14 with the purchasing management. In other words, a user can initiate an approval request to purchase a list of products and submit his request which will enter an approval workflow, the latter being largely customizable.

Odoo 14 Purchase | © Odoo

“Click on the star!”

Not very visible but very practical, this feature allows you to prioritize a stock transfer (for example a delivery) in the sense that the products will be reserved for this delivery before all other non-priority ones. Note that this option is also available for manufacturing orders in the Odoo Production module.

Odoo 14 Inventory | © Odoo

The Stocks and Fleet modules (fleet management) are now connected, in the sense that one can inform about a stock transfer a vehicle and a driver (declared as employee in the database) responsible for the transport. Also, the possibility is given at the level of the delivery notes to have the consignee electronically signed.

A highlight to add in this section even if it is not related to the release of Odoo version 14. Following the collaboration with an important customer in the logistics field, Camptocamp has developed a suite of community modules to extend the Odoo standard in logistics and SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Odoo Data remove duplication (and cleaning):
guarantee the quality of your data

Many people, after several years of using an ERP, find double or triple contacts (and why not with a different address) with all the associated information (orders, invoices...) which are distributed in production?

In previous versions, there was already a community module to remove duplicate contacts. On Odoo 14, the editor has integrated its own functionality available not only for contacts but also for all other data.

Odoo 14 Data cleaning | © Odoo

Note that this module even allows you to conduct data cleansing operations such as deleting superfluous spaces, formatting phone numbers, putting a capital letter at the beginning of each word, or removing unnecessary HTML code.

Odoo 14 Data cleaning - New | © Odoo

Odoo CRM and Sales - Odoo Outlook 365 connector: thank you Odoo!

Sales people are always very well served with each new version of Odoo release. The main evolutions for this Odoo 14 version:

  1. On an opportunity, possibility to enter not only a "one-shot" turnover but now also a recurring revenue (MRR)
  2. An improved dashboard in list view​​​​​​


Odoo 14 CRM | © Odoo
  1. Generation of customizable PDF price lists (by price list and quantity levels) for one or more selected products
  2. Excel sheet templates as a starting point for CRM reports with customized KPIs directly in the interface
Odoo 14 Documents | © Odoo

The Highlight: a standard Odoo Office 365 connector allowing to create a bridge between the Microsoft Outlook 365 email client and Odoo on one hand (leads, opportunities, contacts) and on the other hand bi-directional calendar synchronization for events, even beyond the CRM module by the way (Odoo Exchange 365 connector)

Odoo 14 Outlook Connector | © Odoo

Odoo Studio: customize, "and at the same time" remain 100% standard!

As a reminder, Odoo Studio is a brilliant cross-functional module. Indeed, this unique toolbox allows to make advanced customizations in Odoo directly in the interface without the need to write source code, thus staying within the standard of the application, including: customization/creation of PDFs, adaptation of access rights and translations, addition of fields and links between data, modification/activation of views, automated actions.

Now fine-tune your workflows with Odoo Studio! Take any action button from your data and add one to several validation rules according to your criteria.

Odoo 14 Purchase Approval | © Odoo

Only the person(s) with the necessary rights will be able to approve and this action will be logged in the system. A few examples are:

  • The approval of a purchase order requires a validation of the purchasing director for any order exceeding 30'000€ and a double validation if in addition there is a warning that has been informed for this supplier
  • the confirmation of an order quote requires the intervention of the CEO if the total amount of invoices due exceeds 10'000 CHF

In addition to a complete ERP, customizable, with a front and back office and based on an Open Source base, Odoo 14 provides basic Odoo BPM functionalities (Business Process Management).

With version 14, you can also customize the map view with Odoo Studio, i.e. activate the map view on any data containing an address, choose the fields to display on the map and view the route between points.

Odoo 14 Contacts | © Odoo

With an ERP customization module as rich as Odoo Studio, more and more Odoo projects for small businesses can be addressed in pure standard and especially within the framework of our new Odoo Smartcamp offer for tight budgets.

With hosting and version upgrades 100% provided by the editor, our certified consultants will configure the existing system, train you and take over your data without any specific source code. This results in substantial savings in terms of budget and implementation time.

Odoo 14: various other features of interest

Various highlights:

  1. Odoo Documents: indexing of document contents to search inside the documents, version history (and restore a version if desired), "Split and Assign" function (split for example a large scanned PDF document and perform actions on each portion of the document);
  2. Odoo Timesheets: superb ergonomics to enter very quickly your timesheets taking into account the multiplicity of business contexts and the habits of everyone (timer mode, keyboard shortcuts, input via the Odoo Projects or Odoo Timesheet module...);
  3. Odoo Website and E-commerce: various ergonomics improvements to manage your website, new content "blocks" and complete re-architecture of the module for an extremely fast loading of web pages (more than 3 times faster compared to version 13), which is also very good for SEO; test by yourself on the home page of an Odoo e-commerce demo, events and blog!
  4. Odoo Events and Survey: live mode for questionnaires/surveys for physical events but also virtual events from now on thanks to the link with Youtube Live (live broadcasting of your event on the Internet).

To finish, find the Odoo 14 release notes detailed here.

Thank you for your attention. We hope you have learned a number of things with this article about Odoo 14.


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