As part of our commitment to nurturing young IT talent, Camptocamp has announced our support for the EPFL’s new 'Cours Turing' program. Named after computing pioneer Alan Turing, the course seeks to make the world of algorithms and programming accessible to more than 30 curious high school students in French-speaking Switzerland.

"We're proud to contribute to a knowledge-sharing ecosystem that builds up the next generation," said Claude Philipona, Camptocamp co-founder. "Supporting the 'Cours Turing' aligns with our belief in empowering young individuals to explore, learn, and create - hopefully encouraging them to consider a career in the IT industry."

The 'Cours Turing' offers an insight into our modern, algorithm-driven world, leading participants from the core mathematical principles to the practical implementation of these algorithms.

"This course democratizes knowledge," Philipona added. "We're delighted to be part of this journey, and we eagerly anticipate the talents it will cultivate."

Camptocamp's backing of 'Cours Turing' represents our continuous dedication to promoting education and fostering a promising future for the IT industry. Here's to a future shaped by curiosity, opportunity, and the boundless potential of technological innovation.