SBG Systems, a leader in the manufacturing of navigation systems and inertial measurement units, reached the limits of its existing Odoo system, which had not been updated for nearly eight years. It became harder and harder to maintain the system internally, signaling a clear need for an upgrade to stay ahead in its rapidly advancing field.

In the search for a robust and technically proficient partner, SBG Systems chose Camptocamp for their exceptional technical expertise and their forward-thinking approach to solutions. Camptocamp's ability to challenge existing processes and propose innovative solutions that were not only future-proof but also perfectly balanced between standardization and customization, stood out. This approach ensured maintainability and longevity of the systems, empowering SBG Systems to adapt and evolve independently.

Transitioning to version 15, SBG Systems leveraged Camptocamp's expertise to overcome its previous system's limitations. Camptocamp's strategy involved a thoughtful mix of challenging the status quo and integrating solutions that offered a sustainable path forward for SBG Systems, focusing on configurability and autonomy in solution evolution.

SBG Systems Operations Manager Antoine Magnani highlighted the value of Camptocamp's contributions, particularly appreciating their technical prowess and their consultative approach that led to solutions beyond SBG Systems' initial considerations. This partnership not only resolved the immediate challenges but also laid a foundation for enduring success through solutions designed for long-term relevance and adaptability.

"What we particularly appreciated in our exchanges with Camptocamp was their deep technical expertise coupled with their ability to propose future-proof solutions... They helped us see our processes and challenges from new perspectives, finding the perfect balance between our business processes and the standardized aspects of the tool, ensuring its maintainability and longevity." - Antoine Magnani, Director of Operations, SBG Systems


Looking ahead

SBG Systems now stands on a robust platform that not only addresses its current operational needs but is also poised for future challenges and opportunities. With Camptocamp's partnership, SBG Systems has strengthened its position as a leader in navigation and inertial systems, ready to innovate and expand in its exciting markets.

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Odoo modules implemented at SBG Systems

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