DevOps Stack, Kubernetes the easiest way

The DevOps Stack provides a standard Kubernetes Platform, bringing together automated Provisioning as CodeContinuous Application Deployment, and readily-made configurations for the best Cloud Native tools in the industry.
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DevOpsStack | © Camptocamp
DevOpsStack | © Camptocamp

DevOps Stack

DevOps Stack

Adapted to your infrastructure

Because you can't change your entire infrastructure with every new technology, the DevOps Stack adapts to your environment to make your move to Kubernetes as easy as possible.

Regardless of your cloud provider, the DevOps Stack can be deployed in minutes with a few lines of code.

Too many different services for one Kubernetes cluster?

Do you need multiple clusters, but don't want to add complexity to your infrastructure? With the DevOps Stack, you can deploy as many Kubernetes clusters as you want while maintaining high operability thanks to renowned automation tools like Terraform and Argo CD.


Focus on the essentials

Sometimes the most complicated part is not Kubernetes itself, but what's around it. Don't worry about VMs, load balancers, databases, firewalls... The DevOps Stack allows you to focus on the essentials. With a few lines of code, deploy a secure and highly available Kubernetes cluster!

Do you want to manage certain parts of your infrastructure yourself? The DevOps Stack adapts to your environment and your needs.


A strong need for security?

Are you worried that your Kubernetes platform is not secure enough? Don't worry, we follow the best deployment practices and the state of the art in terms of IT security. The platforms deployed by the DevOps Stack are secure by default. All services are exposed behind an OIDC authentication system and protected by SSL/TLS protocols.

The GitOps principle promoted by the DevOps Stack also enables effective traceability of the various changes made to the infrastructure.

Want to know more?

The DevOps Stack is developed by infrastructure professionals. Thanks to our many years of experience with different Cloud solutions and our extensive expertise in automation technologies, we have been able to build a simple and modular tool that allows us to manage a multitude of Kubernetes clusters in radically different environments.

Our solution is Open Source, contains no vendor lock-in and is based exclusively on standard and proven technologies. A cluster deployed with the DevOps Stack can always be managed with other tools afterwards. You remain in control of your infrastructure.

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