This training course will enable you to master container orchestration with Kubernetes: packaging, deployment, updating, scaling and security. The course is given by an expert who works with complex IT environments on a daily basis at Camptocamp.

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open source system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

In recent years, Kubernetes has become the standard solution for container orchestration. Originally a Google project, it provides a powerful platform for deploying microservices.

Prior to this Kubernetes training course, it is recommended that you have taken our Docker training course.

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  • Understand how a Kubernetes cluster is organized and learn about user interactions with its API
  • Deploy, manage and monitor containerized applications
  • Learn best practices for improving application security
  • Manage resources allocated to each application
  • Learn how to split an application into multiple microservices
  • Configure cluster and application scaling
  • Implement high availability and avoid service interruptions
  • Diagnose and resolve problems
  • Preparation for CKAD certification

Target audience

Developers, DevOps or SRE engineers, System administrators, Release managers, Architects, Security or Network teams



  • Basic knowledge of Linux and networks
  • Knowledge of Docker


Day 1

  • Introduction and challenges of container orchestration
  • User interface and command line
  • API and cluster components
  • Pods
  • Controllers

Day 2

  • Services
  • Ingress
  • Data and Volumes
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Operators
  • Deployment and Packaging
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Inter-company training: Paris, Chambéry, Lausanne, Olten, and Munich

Intra-company: France, Switzerland and Germany

Your Trainer

Julien Acroute

System Engineer

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