Big news from Basecamp! Today at the company Q1 all-hands meeting, Camptocamp co-founders Luc Maurer and Claude Philipona announced that Swisscom has acquired a majority stake in the company and that the Camptocamp board of directors will welcome three new members from the Swisscom team.

The acquisition offers new opportunities and strong advantages to both companies. Swisscom, which is already one of the largest IT service companies in Switzerland, will expand its offering to a new market segment and in the area of Open Source technologies. Likewise, by joining the community of companies in the Swisscom portfolio, Camptocamp will reinforce its growth trajectory and access new and exciting client projects.

“We’re delighted to join forces with such a reputable and innovative company,” says Camptocamp co-founder Luc Maurer. “We've been getting to know Swisscom for several months - its culture and its values - and we're confident that we’ve found the partner that Camptocamp needs to accelerate our growth while maintaining our unique human-focused company culture.”

Importantly, Camptocamp will remain an independent subsidiary of Swisscom, continuing to function as an autonomous company. This means that our leadership team, company culture, vision and values will not change. 

Claude Philipona highlights: “Camptocamp’s Open Source DNA is at the heart of what has made us a successful market leader in our industry. We will continue to do what we do best and look forward to the new opportunities that this partnership will bring.”