Camptocamp published an online course dedicated to OpenLayers. In order to allow the acquisition of skills on OpenLayers to as many people as possible, we propose this online course composed of theoretical courses, exercises and validation questionnaires. Designed for a step-by-step progression, this course is intended for JavaScript developers who wish to add a map to their application, as well as for project managers with technical skills who wish to learn more about this library.

OpenLayers is a JavaScript library that enables you to display and query data from multiple sources in order to integrate a dynamic map in any web page.


What is the role of OpenLayers in an open source web mapping stack?

Within the different sequences we will show you, how to

  • create a map
  • add multiple layers plus controls and events to interact with your map
  • manage different data formats and projections
  • enhance your map, export it and make it available for mobile devices

Questions (i.e. quiz) and exercises will help you consolidate your new skills for each sequence.

These first steps help you to build the foundation before working on bigger projects. A lot more functionalities are available in OpenLayers, such as vector editing, distance & surface measurements, vector tiles and 3D.

But, before working with these complex features, we strongly recommend to start with this introduction to the OpenLayers API! Are your ready to code? Let's get started.


What you’ll learn

  • Become familiar with the main components of an OpenLayers project
  • Understand the interactions between its components and the structure of an OpenLayers project
  • Understand the different concepts proposed by OpenLayers
  • Be able to create a map with a background and different layers
  • Enable interactions with the map


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Good Notions in web development (JS, HTML, CSS)
  • Basic knowledge of Web Services OGC
  • Basic knowledge of GIS (layers, styles, features, etc.)


How to start?

The course is hosted on the udemy platform. Create your account and get started now with the following discount coupon: 6BB6BB7FB2054FECF7DC or using this link (free for the first 100 learners until March 4th).

For more information,

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