Today, 97% of companies and public authorities already work with Open Source! The reason for this are the open standards that Open Source brings with it and thus follows the principle of "interoperability by design".

The current Open Source Study of the University of Berne has proven this once again. We are pleased to be able to support this new edition with a technical article, a practical example and a company portrait.

For us, Open Source is part of our DNA, and so we enjoy the steady increase of Open Source in organizations and are excited about the further developments in this area. 

In the survey, 30% of respondents said they publicly contribute to Open Source. In doing so, they are sending a clear signal in favor of Open Source. At the same time, they are actively contributing to the avoidance of technical debt. Check out the article from Raphael Pinson on this topic.

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Open Source, Standards and the technical debt

Many companies are increasingly using Open Source software, for which there are numerous good reasons. However, it is still not common for companies to also contribute to the further development. Still most companies see Open Source as a pure consumer benefit..

Companies ask themselves whether there is an added value when actively contributing to the further development of Open Source software.

After all, you make all your work freely available and receive no remuneration for it. The big advantage only becomes apparent through collaboration. The resulting solutions contribute significantly to the long-term stability of Open Source applications.

If my approach is good and the need exists, it will quite certainly be further developed by the community. In this way, virtually everyone benefits.

The platform was created according to the same principle. 

The Swiss Geological Survey (SGS) needed a 3D visualization of geological data and commissioned Camptocamp to develop this platform. 

All resulting developments and results will be available via GitHub in the future, thus empowering the geological community in Switzerland and giving them the opportunity to actively participate in further developments., a technological innovation

How can the value of deployed Open Source software be sustainably increased? Open Source software developments with IT service providers that are part of the community enable users to help shape the characteristics of the solution and secure it in the long term.

The public presentation of the Open Source Study took place on 17.06. in Zurich and Emmanuel Belo presented the platform (in german).

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