Based on the number of public repositories on GitHub, Camptocamp has been named one of the largest contributors of Open Source solutions in Switzerland.

As sharing is part of our DNA, and we are always keen to keep the best practices of the market, Camptocamp shares its knowledge and experience with customers through different training curriculums.

In an effort to offer the best service and share our experience with our participants, all our courses complement one another. And in order to meet the growing and specific needs of our customers, we organize dedicated workshops on demand. 

We offer several training curricula focused on system automation and application deployments. 

Thanks to our internal experts, Camptocamp is the only Kubernetes Training Partner of Switzerland and of France. With the 2 days Kubernetes training and 2 days Docker training, our curriculum is recognized as standard and leading students to both certifications: Certified Kubernetes Administrator or Certified Kubernetes Application Developer.

Thanks to our partnership with Puppet, Camptocamp can provide formal training for you and your team members from beginner level with 3-days Getting Started With Puppet (GSWP)  to more advanced with the 3-days Puppet Practitioner course.

To conclude and complete our training program with provisioning, we propose a 2-days Terraform training.

Through our partnership with Red Hat, we are resellers of official Red Hat trainings, including —but not limited to— OpenShift course.

We apply decreasing rates according to the number of participants to the session.

All the training sessions offered depend on the good functioning of the Swiss Internet infrastructure.