Every crisis also holds opportunities, and opportunities often turn into wonderful things!

At Camptocamp, we took measures very early on to protect our employees from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and to ensure a smooth continuation of all our customer projects. Thanks to our modern cloud infrastructure and the collaboration tools we have been using for a long time, all our employees have the opportunity to work from their home office, and most of them have been doing so for over a week. We are used to working across departmental and national boundaries via Hangout, Slack, Confluence, Odoo and many other solutions, both internally and with our customers. In addition, we have been offering our employees flexible working time models for many years, which is proving particularly useful now that many parents are faced with the major challenge of childcare. We also ensure the informal exchange among ourselves by meeting daily for virtual coffee meetings. Would you like to join us for a virtual cup of coffee? Simply write to us and we will invite you to join us…

We can therefore assure you that all our projects will continue as normal. Innovative solutions are our core business, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you also need support in implementing modern solutions in the field of cloud computing or ERP. For example, if your IT infrastructure reaches its limits due to increased home office work.

Camptocamp wishes you all the best in these challenging weeks and will continue to support you as usual.

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