The young talent of today is the future of tomorrow!


The University of EPFL in Lausanne has recognised this fact and created a programme for high school students, the EPFL Pre-university weeks.

This program offers the participants the opportunity to learn more about science and technology in various courses, in order to raise their interest in engineering.

We from Camptocamp are proud to support EPFL in such a great project, and accepted the sponsorship for the course "Decoding QR codes".

The Course: Decoding QR Codes

From April 19th to April 23rd 2022, this course will reveal the secrets behind the QR Codes that we encounter every day on concert tickets, restaurant menus or online. During this week, students will get a deep insight into the mathematics and programming of the codes.

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Offered to students of the "Euler" course by the Faculty of Computer Science and Communication of EPFL, this study week is equally addressed to all high school students who want to discover all the functions of QR codes.

From data encoding to the placement of data on a matrix to the principles of automatic error correction used, participants will explore all the steps necessary to create a QR code.


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