Sending an IT company to work from home within 2 days is easy. Organizing online meetings productively and across borders is no challenge for us. 

And then Elton John came along.

In order to bring a little light into our everyday life even during the lockdown period and not to lose track of interpersonal contact, our management had come up with a very special task:

Lipdub Camptocamp | © Camptocamp

The Lipdub

(don’t hesitate to refresh the page with F5 to improve the synchronization / On the mobile, simply use the play button in the upper left corner to start the videos in parallel)

True to the motto "We like Challenges" all employees were asked to participate in the production of a Camptocamp Lipdub - on a voluntary basis, of course.

Suggestions were collected and the song that seemed to fit best to the current situation was chosen by vote. We were faced with the choice, but the winner was:

Lipdub Winner | © Shutterstock

The winner is...

“I’m still standing” from Elton John.

Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, it is difficult to simply publish a video including music by such a renowned artist. The costs of the official publication would be simply too high and limited in time. So we were forced to silently upload the lipdub and use the platform to add the music via the official YouTube video.

Unfortunately the sound here doesn't match our recording 100%, but the fun should be clearly visible.

Lipdub Production | © Shutterstock

The production

After the selection, individual song sequences were distributed among all participants. Whether alone, with the family, with the pet, whether in the garden, in the bathroom or in a completely different place did not matter - there was only one rule - have fun!

A special thank to…

Our dear Leila put/edited the individual parts together and made a great film out of it. Thanks a lot for this great job and of course thanks to all participants!