As the year draws to a close, we at Camptocamp are proud to announce our support for three remarkable organizations that share our passion for the mountains and our commitment to sustainability. In keeping with our core values of respect, collaboration, environmental stewardship, and the joy of life's adventures, we're contributing to the efforts of Schweizer Berghilfe in Switzerland, Alpenverein Munich in Germany, and Mountain Riders in France.

Schweizer Berghilfe: Preserving the Vibrancy of Swiss Mountains

Since 1943, Schweizer Berghilfe has been a beacon of hope for the Swiss mountain regions. As a foundation funded entirely by donations, its mission is to improve livelihoods and living conditions in these areas. Through supporting projects that create jobs and add value, Schweizer Berghilfe not only combats migration but also ensures the future vibrancy of the mountain regions. Their vision of an inspiring living space in the Swiss mountains, where people shape their lives independently, aligns perfectly with our ethos at Camptocamp.

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Alpenverein Munich: Experience and Preserve the Mountains

Alpenverein Munich represents a community of mountain enthusiasts in the greater Munich area. With a strong commitment to ecological preservation and safe mountain experiences, they work tirelessly to protect the mountain ecosystems and wilderness. Their approach to experiencing the mountains—whether individually or collectively, but always ecologically—resonates with our belief in responsible and sustainable outdoor activities.

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Mountain Riders: Educating for Ecological Transition

Founded in 2001, Mountain Riders is an ecological transition education association focused on empowering children, young people, practitioners, tourism stakeholders, citizens, and elected officials to act in preserving our mountains. Their diverse initiatives, from nature outings to waste collection campaigns, embody the change they wish to see in the world. With their efforts, over 25 tonnes of waste were collected in 2019 alone, involving more than 5,000 volunteers. Their work in supporting sustainable development in mountain territories and training modules in sustainable practices in mountain-related professions is instrumental in shaping a more responsible future for our mountains.

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Together, We Climb Higher

At Camptocamp, we believe in the power of community and the importance of nurturing our natural playgrounds. Our donations to these three organizations are more than just financial support—they are a testament to our shared vision of a world that treasures and protects its natural wonders. Let's climb higher together, fostering a sustainable future for the mountain regions we all love.