The Camptocamp Geospatial team is looking forward to exchanging with the French geospatial community at the upcoming GeoDataDays event on September 14-15 in Poitiers, France. As a sponsor of the event, you can find us at our booth to discuss everything related to the geospatial ecosystem, such as: data, processes, Open Source software, data sharing, dissemination of knowledge of data sets, and automation of processing of large data sets.

The event, organized by l’AFIGéo and Décrytagéo, will gather more than 600 participants and 50 exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you there.

Camptocamp presentation at GeoDataDays


OpenData, Inspire... all of your territory's data at your fingertips

Where can I find open data? On OpenData portals.
Where do we find geographical data? On "Inspire" portals.
Where do you find open geographic data? On Inspire portals (often) and on OpenData portals (in the best case).
And this is where we touch on the worst nightmare of a data administrator: duplication!
Camptocamp has worked to respond to this dilemma and to offer a centralized vision of a territory's data. Regions of Hauts-de-France, Grand Est, AURA and Bretagne have invested in the development of a new GeoNetwork client module named "datahub".