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SchweizMobil is the national network for non-motorized traffic, especially for leisure and tourism (hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating, canoeing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledging).

For over 10 years, SchweizMobil has provided route and service information via https://schweizmobil.ch and https://map.schweizmobil.ch in an internationally unique quality.

For its part, the Swiss Alpine Club SAC has an immense treasure of route information in alpine sports distributed throughout Switzerland. This information, previously only available in analog form, has been digitized since 2016 and made available to the general public on the SAC's tour portal.

Camptocamp is working intensively on both projects on the conception, realization and continuous development of the geo platforms and management tools. For example, SchweizMobil relied on a flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure at a very early stage, and the SAC and SchweizMobil developed a comprehensive authoring tool for the revision of route information.

Both systems have interfaces to numerous smaller and larger partners. Such an interface has now also been used specifically to link the two platforms.

SAC & SchweizMobil | © SAC & SchweizMobil

The partnership

In partnership with the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), SchweizMobil is now presenting selected tours in alpine terrain in the disciplines of alpine mountain hiking, alpinism, climbing and ski touring under "Mountaineering". They are displayed on the web map as point information with a direct link to the corresponding entry in the SAC tour portal. All detailed information about the tour including the route can be found under the following link.

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