It’s a great pleasure to share our favorite Spatial Data Infrastructure latest stable release in the 20.0.x series!

Let us first present the newest release numbering scheme which was recently adopted.
We now provide intermediate “patch” releases, which bring a batch of well identified fixes and small improvements, but no new features. These were previously provided on a stable branch in the source code.

“Release early, release often”, says the well-known motto. By sticking to this, we allow users to correctly identify when their SDI needs an upgrade, see for instance the 20.0.2 release notes.

This 20.0.2 release comes with numerous fixes and improvements. Some highlights:

  • Docker images built on the robust github actions framework now provide everything required to connect to a Sentry instance. This allows for an easier identification of recurrent errors,
  • Querying CSW servers from the geoviewer has been restored when it comes to GeoNetwork 3.8 instances,
  • Long file transfers going through the security-proxy are now properly handled with an appropriate configuration of timeouts,
  • User page shows the complete organisation name.

Keep in mind that switching from one version to another, which only differ by the patch number can be achieved with no configuration change at all. I bet your IT department will appreciate!

Major versions are still published on a yearly basis, if not more frequently, depending on the opportunities. As an exemple, the 20.0.0 release, published last february with the generous support of the GeoGrandEstCRAIGGéo2France, and Rennes Métropole platforms, had achieved the following breakthroughs: it implements the European General Data Protection Regulation framework (GDPR), integrates the latest stable versions of GeoNetwork 3.8 and GeoServer 2.16, improves greatly the UI & UX of the console webapp to manage users, orgs and roles, not forgetting it also leverages github actions, which provide professional tools to build stable docker artifacts.

Are you eager to testing geOrchestra or would you like a presentation of the technical possibilities?

Please get in touch!